Here’s How to Hack Your Instant Pot to Make the Easiest Breakfast Burritos Ever

updated Feb 29, 2020
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Credit: Lisa Crouch-Davis

The Facebook Instant Pot Community group page is the go-to spot for great tips and awesome recipes for the trendiest of appliances (the Instant Pot, of course). We’ve seen a ton of awesome ideas from this group, and recently we came across another ingenious idea that we needed to share.

Lisa Crouch-Davis posted a super smart hack for your Instant Pot that will result in the easiest, fastest breakfast burritos you’ve ever seen. She writes: “I’ve been a pothead for a long time, but I’m always learning new tips and tricks, the most recent being make ahead breakfast burritos. They are a great go-to on the run! I’m hooked.”

Credit: Lisa Crouch-Davis

Lisa uploaded some photos to show how to make these burritos in the Instant Pot from scratch. Here’s the hack: She uses ice cube trays to make the egg, meat, and vegetable “sticks” that you then wrap inside the burrito. How smart is that! Specifically, she suggests using the Webake 3 Pack Silicone Ice Cube Trays, which are normally used for making ice cubes for water bottles.

Credit: Lisa Crouch-Davis

You simply spray the trays with a little oil, and then add you mix-ins. It looks like Lisa added sausage, bacon, spinach, and cherry tomatoes. Then, she uses a turkey baster (!!) to add the eggs to the trays. She says this makes less of a mess than other methods she’s tried.

Once filled she wraps the trays in aluminum foil (that’s also oiled down), and puts them in the Instant Pot. And then, it’s time to cook! “Add 1 cup of water to the IP. Stagger covered trays on trivet. (I found it is easier to do this outside of the pot and then transfer.) Set IP for 38 minutes, high pressure. QR. When done, carefully remove trays and discard foil. Invert trays on a cutting board and let cool for a few minutes to make for easier handling,” she explains in her post.

Then, you add your cooked egg sticks to a tortilla with a little cheese and wrap. So easy! These are great for saving time on busy mornings since you can meal prep and make a huge batch at once to then just re-heat in minutes.