This Designer Makes Amazing Crowns Out of Pastry, and We’re Obsessed

published Dec 11, 2017
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(Image credit: @homsweethom/ Instagram)

Every spring Instagram is flooded with music-festival style, and that means tons of people in flower crowns. Now one designer has turned a love of pastries and puns into new kinds of crowns that are guaranteed to make you smile, because they’re made entirely of pastries.

Designer Lauren Hom of Hom Sweet Hom is the creator of Daily Dishonesty, and she’s worked for Starbucks and Google. Now her latest project is called Flour Crowns, where she makes elaborate headdresses out of croissants, bread, cookies, waffles, and other baked goods.

“With spring right around the corner, I noticed my social media feeds starting to fill up with festival fashion and flowers,” she writes. “The idea came to me first as a simple play on the word ‘flower crown,’ and my imagination took it from there.”

Hom turned herself into a Croissant Debutante with a crown made of croissants and roses. The roses are actually slices of bread that she flattened and cut into petal shapes, then pressed into roses.

Hom’s main tools are a cheap plastic headband, some thin but sturdy wire, and hot glue when necessary.

“I try to make the crowns as edible as possible, so most of my technique involves wrapping wire around the headband to create little ‘spokes’ to poke bread onto, and then I’ll add a little more wire to ‘sew’ the bread together or a dab of glue if the bread is less porous and less buttery,” she says. Heavier, more buttery breads don’t take the glue very well.

This one makes her look like a breakfast princess, and it’s made of waffles, silver-dollar pancakes, and maple cookies from Trader Joe’s.

She even made a tiara worthy of Kate Middleton by disassembling different flavors of Oreo cookies she found at the supermarket in Bali. The colors come from Golden Oreos, Strawberry Oreos, and Ice Cream Oreos. The little decorative florets are made from meringues she found at the grocery store.

Hom’s favorite crown is my favorite crown, too. This one is made with black charcoal croissants and macarons. I would honestly wear this for real.

“I found these amazing looking black charcoal croissants and macarons at a bakery in Bali, so I channeled my inner teenager and made an all-black emo punk rock princess crown,” she says.

Hom eats her creations when she’s done with taking photos. “I’ve gotten surprisingly good at reviving slightly stale pastries and bread with a little butter, water, and an oven or pan,” she says. “If the bread is super far gone and hard as a rock, I’ll turn it into bread crumbs or croutons!”

You can check out her complete pastry headdress oeuvre over at She’s already a successful graphic designer, but if she ever decides to start designing tiaras for a living, I will be the first to sign up. Crumbs aside, these are way cooler than flower crowns any day.