3 Instagram “Recipes” You Can Totally Make

published Nov 2, 2017
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Have you noticed the non-recipe “recipe” on Instagram? You know, where someone snaps a picture of a beautiful or delicious-looking dish they’ve just made and then gives a rough outline of how they did it in the comments? Admittedly, the Instagram mini-recipe is not for the new cook — rarely are amounts given and cooking instructions, if there are any, are minimal — but they offer the experienced cook a starting place, a source of inspiration.

And the truth is, many of us already cook this way, especially on weekdays when shopping for and cooking a long recipe isn’t in the cards. We assemble, we toss in a little of this or that, we riff on a favorite based on what’s in the fridge.

If this sounds like you, then keep reading. We’ve picked three “recipes” we’re eyeing, from inspirational salads to a smart dinner idea that starts with stale bread.

A quick list of ingredients, no instructions, and yet everything is there for you to make it on your own. Or be inspired to put your own spin on it!

Here’s another example of extreme brevity. Hannah mentions beets, but are they cooked or raw? Does it matter? Either one will do, depending on your preference. What if you don’t have green goddess dressing? Easy enough to whip up an alternative based on what you have on hand.

But maybe you’d like just a little more instruction. Then Dash and Bella’s Phyllis Grant is your guru. This toast recipe is an excellent example of her style, which is very conversational. She wants you to join in on the fun, like you’re hanging out in her kitchen, drinking wine, and whipping up a pile of #hellatoast.

What do you think? Is Instagram your newest cookbook?