12 of the Coolest New Kitchen Products We Just Saw at The Inspired Home Show

published Mar 7, 2022
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According to my step counter, I walked more than 20 miles this weekend. What was I doing? I wasn’t on a hiking trip or a Disney World adventure. No, I was doing something way more fun: I was walking The Inspired Home Show.

Allow me to explain: The Inspired Home Show is a massive trade show, where companies set up booths of all different sizes to show off their new (and classic) goodies. There are air fryers, toasters, skillets, coffee makers, food storage solutions, and more. So much more. Buyers from stores like Williams Sonoma and Target flock to the show to place orders, and media (hey, that’s me!) gets invited to check things out, too.

The show has been on pause for the last two years because of COVID, so I was beyond excited to get back on the show floor to see the products. (I was especially excited because we just launched the 2022 version of Kitchn Essentials and I’m in full Kitchen Gadget Mode.) I found some great new gear and I’ll be writing about lots of it in the coming months, but in the meantime, here’s a quick look at the things that stood out to me the most. These are 12 of the best new kitchen products I found at The Inspired Home Show.

1. Carbon8

File this in your “Things That Should Have Existed Earlier” folder. The Carbon8 is a seltzer maker that dispenses sparkling water right into your glass. While other seltzer makers carbonate a bottle of water, this machine has a built-in, easy-to-fill water tank and it dispenses seltzer on demand. Want just a few sips? Press the button until your cup is full enough. Super thirsty? Hold it down for longer. The tank also has a UV light that helps to clean the water. The machine should be available in June and you can learn more about it online.

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2. Chef’sChoice DC Sharpeners

Did you know that Ina Garten loves her Chef’sChoice electric knife sharpener? I love mine too, but I figure you might care more about Ina’s two cents than mine. New for the show: these cute little sharpeners that can be charged up, which means you can use them without having to worry about cords and plugs. They take all the guesswork out of sharpening knives and, when fully charged, can run for 30 minutes straight. There will also be a red option when these officially hit the market in a few months.

3. Aarke Purifier

You may have read about the Aarke Carbonator on Kitchn before. (Lots of our editors count themselves as fans!) The brand had a few new items to show (including a carbonator with a glass bottle), but this really resonated with me. It’s a water purifier that has zero plastic. It’s glass and stainless steel. And instead of those plastic filters that you have to throw out and replace, it features a refillable ReFilter System. When it’s time, you just dump the granules and pour in new ones, which means a lot less waste. The pitcher is not out yet, but it will be later this year and I’ll be sure to keep you posted!

4. Bee’s Wrap Reusable Produce Bags

Speaking of wasting less plastic! Bee’s Wrap just came out with these reusable produce bags that are made of their signature fabric coated with vegan, plant-based wax. I can also say that company reps gave me a sneak peek at some stuff that’s in the pipeline and, let me just say, it’s all very awesome.

Buy: Bee’s Wrap Reusable Produce Bags, $14.99

5. Served Bowls

Picture your favorite insulated coffee mug. You see it? The one that’s insulated? Now picture it as a bowl and you’ve got Served! This company makes a 2.5-quart insulated bowl that keeps dishes hot or cold for hours. The double-wall Tritan lid has a silicone seal, so it won’t leak if you’re taking, say, saucy meatballs to a party. While it is pricey, I can absolutely see it coming in handy for summer potlucks, winter holiday parties, and all sorts of events in between. The brand also makes a pitcher (same idea) that can hold up to 2 liters.

Buy: Large Serving Bowl, $79.99

6. Finamill

I almost walked right by this booth, but I am so glad that I stopped. At first glance, it looks like any average pepper mill. But upon closer inspection, I realized that the device works with these little plastic pods (the clear container with the peppercorns next to that blue plate). The pods can be filled up with peppercorns or salt (or other hard, whole spices) and it’s super simple to swap the pod into the mill. Once you’ve loaded up your pod, you just press the button at the top to grind.

Buy: Finamill, $44.99

7. PantryChic Smart Storage System

If you’re a baker or prefer to weigh out your ingredients, you’re going to want to pay attention to this. The PantryChic Smart Storage System features special canisters and a dispenser base that has a built-in scale. You tell an app what you have in each canister and store them all stacked up in your pantry. Let’s say you need a cup of flour? Just put that canister on the base and it will measure and weigh the correct amount into a bowl below. It also works with coffee beans, rice, cereal, sprinkles, and more. And you can use the scale on the bottom on its own if needed.

Buy: PantryChic Smart Storage System Starter Kit, $349.95

8. Bob

Say hello to Bob! He’s a mini dishwasher and he’s the first dishwasher that can operate without a water supply. Instead of hooking him up to your sink (or plumbing), you just pour water into the built-in tank. How much water? Just one gallon! He’s big enough to hold daily dishes for one or two people and couldn’t be easier to use. If you’re wondering what happens to the dirty water, I had the same question. Turns out, you can either connect the outlet hose to a drain pipe, drain it into your sink, or drain it into a mobile container. I think this little guy would be great for small spaces or mobile homes. You can choose a white or black body and pick from 12 bright colors for the door. He’s available for pre-order now.

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9. BBQ Daddy

The BBQ Daddy is a brand-new product from the folks at Scrub Daddy. The scrubbing head works like their famous Scrub Daddy in that it firms up when it’s used in cold water. The idea here is that you dunk the head in cold water and then, as you scrub, things get steamy over the still-warm grill and the steam boosts your cleaning power. As the head heats up and softens, it reaches deeper between the grates. (Bonus: No dangerous bristles to worry about!) The tool also has a stainless steel scraper, a retractable hook to lift the grates, and a built-in bottle opener.

Buy: BBQ Daddy, $29.99

10. MyMilk by Souper Cubes

MyMilk isn’t out just yet, but I know plenty of new moms who will be lining up to buy it when it finally hits stores. Made by the same people who make Souper Cubes, this little tray freezes breast milk in half-ounce portions that are skinny enough to fit through the neck of any baby bottle on the market. This way, parents can really portion out a feeding, rather than having to worry about how much milk is in this bag and how much is in that bag.

11. Boxie

Every year, at Christmastime, I wrap a box of wine in wrapping paper and set it out for my annual holiday party. (During non-COVID times, of course!) So I am probably the target audience for Boxie, a vessel that holds any 3-liter bag of wine, but I do think you’ll like it too! The creator came up with the idea during her own holiday party when she realized she had this gorgeous buffet set up and then some ugly boxes of wine of sitting out. You just take the bag out of the box and pop it into this dispenser. I love that Boxie will come in a few different patterns and there are plans for some fancier ones (think: wood and copper). It will also come with an ice pack, should you want to serve white or rosé. You can pre-order it now.

12. BRU Tea Maker

Usually, this show is dominated by coffee makers, so I’m happy to say that it seems like tea is finally getting its moment in the sun. I saw many electric tea kettles, an iced tea brewer, lots of infusers, and this machine. It’s an automated tea brewer that works with any kind of loose leaf and bagged tea. You can control the brewing time, water temperature, and water amount — all to ensure that you get your ideal cup every single time.

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Which of these are you most excited about? Tell us in the comments below!