Inheriting Family Recipes

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Due to recent events in our lives, we’ve been faced with the reality of inheriting items. When talking amongst family, it seems each person has their own item(s) that they would love to have. Other family members had a different agenda — they have their eye on the key to everyones heart stomach.

The question we have heard most over the past few weeks is “who’s going to make the sweet potato pie now”? It’s a great question, and all of the family just kind of turns to one another and shrugs. There are a few likely candidates and those are the ones gunning for the recipe.

We’re not even sure that the entire recipe is written down, which will present a problem. Everyone in the family loves the way this certain sweet potato pie was made &mdash from the crust to how unbelievably smooth the sweet potatoes were. Personally, I want the dry rub recipe for the famous ribs that were fought over during the summer months. I once tried to replicate the rub and let’s just say it wasn’t fun taking each bite and longing for the ones these could never be.

One family member has the box of recipes and is making a book for everyone that wants one. We think this is the best solution because everyone can try to replicate the cooking that they’ve loved for so many years.

Have you inherited a famous family recipe?