Ingredient Spotlight: Thimbleberries

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Thimbleberries come from thornless plants found from western and northern parts of North America, from Alaska to Ontario and Michigan. They have a striking resemblance to raspberries in that they are both red, and are made up of individual round globes with a hollow center, and are shaped like a thimble.

Thimbleberries are said to be tarter than raspberries, with more seeds. The round, globe-shaped “sections” are called drupelets, and the drupelets of a thimbleberry are more pointy-shaped than those of a raspberry, and have more seeds. The bodies of thimbleberries are larger and softer than raspberries. Since these fruits are so fragile, they do not ship well, and have not been successfully harvested commercially. They’re best sought out as a wild foraged food, and are excellent in jams, cobblers, and pies.

(Image: Chris Diewald licensed for use under Creative Commons)