Ingredient Spotlight: Quinoa Flakes

Occasionally I teach whole grain baking and breakfast classes. This past weekend, my students asked me what whole grain product I’m most excited about right now. The answer was pretty easy: quinoa flakes.

If you have yet to try quinoa flakes, you’re not alone. They’re not as popular or well known as quinoa itself, but they’re born from the same grain. Quinoa flakes are essentially just quinoa that’s rolled to create a thin flake that many people love to use for a hot cereal alternative in the morning. Because the flakes are so thin, they’re extremely quick-cooking, which makes it a draw for the speedy oatmeal crowd.

I haven’t tried quinoa flakes in a porridge, but I have been experimenting with mixing them into all kinds of baked goods lately with great results. If you have a hearty cookie or quick bread recipe, they add a bit of protein without changing the taste or texture much at all. I will say that they do certainly soak up moisture in a recipe, so start experimenting slowly. I start with 1/3 cup-1/2 cup of quinoa flakes and have been adding a little additional liquid as I go.

Have you tried quinoa flakes?

A Few Favorite Recipes:
Cashew Quinoa Flake Chocolate Chip Cookies – Part-Time Health Nut
Banana Bread Quinoa Flake Bake – Natural Noshing
Quinoa Pumpkin Muffins – Fork and Beans

(Image: Megan Gordon)