Ingredient Spotlight: Apple Cider

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

We’ve been guzzling apple cider by the gallon since it started appearing in markets a few weeks ago. Now that our by-the-glass consumption has slowed down somewhat, we’re starting to think about other ways we can use fresh cider in our cooking. Any ideas?

In baking, we can substitute apple cider for some or all of the liquid, and then reduce the amount of sugar to balance the sweetness of the cider, if necessary. Cider will add a subtle tart flavor to quickbreads, scones, and even cookies. And homemade cider donuts, of course!

On the savory side, we’re thinking of using cider to deglaze pans or add a snappy finish to a sauce. And think how great pork chops would be if we marinated them in some cider for a few hours! We can also whisk cider into a vinaigrette to make a tangy dressing for fall salads.

How do you use cider in your cooking?

(Image: Flickr member dipfan licensed under Creative Commons)