7 Ingenious Cleaning Hacks We Learned on TikTok

published Dec 15, 2022
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Credit: Sarah Crowley/Apartment Therapy

Of all the possible venues to learn about the latest and greatest cleaning and organization hacks—magazines, lifestyle blogs, and even Instagram—I did not expect TikTok to be the gold mine that it is.

If you keep scrolling through choreographed dances and memes, you’ll stumble upon a corner of the app where lifestyle bloggers, pro cleaners, and normal people, like you and me, generously share products, tips, and tricks for everything from organizing your pantry to cleaning your marble countertops and hardwood floors.

Here, some of the best cleaning hacks we’ve come across so far:

Deep clean your lint catcher

TikToker @all_things_organized suggests unscrewing the plastic piece over your lint catcher and attacking the lint and debris with a narrow vacuum. (Yes, you still need to clean out the lint catcher regularly—this will just get the remaining buildup from the space around the catcher.)

Refresh your tile grout with toilet bowl cleaner

Whether it’s your kitchen or bathroom tile grout that needs some love, @cynthiasierra071 has an unexpected solution: toilet bowl cleaner and a toothbrush. Simply line the grout with cleaner straight from the bottle, let it sit for five to 10 minutes, then scrub away the dirt with an old toothbrush. 

Descale a kettle with lemon water

Your kettle can accumulate mineral buildup quickly, so it’s important to descale it (and your coffee pot!) regularly. Here’s a quick, fresh-smelling way to do so, says @eatlocally: Just slice some lemons, add them to the bottom of your kettle, and boil water in it.


A non toxic ##ovenclean for those who dont want to use harsh oven ##cleaners – Yes I use oven cleaners but only if there are no kids/animals ##fy

♬ Smoothie – Sevvans

Vacuum inside your oven

If your oven is full of crumbs, actually wiping down the surfaces inside can be a pain. But user @allisonscleanin cleans up burnt bits from the inside of her client’s oven with a hand vacuum after removing the shelves. Then, she follows up with Dawn Powerwash and a white vinegar and water mixture for shining results.


A ton of you have asked for just a shower clean! Heres how I ##clean most of my clients showers! ##scrubfree ##cleaningtiktok ##showerclean ##fyp

♬ She Share Story (for Vlog) – 夕依

…And inside your shower

Similar idea here: Scrubbing down your bathtub or shower is a whole lot easier when all the hairs and particles on the surface are gone. Solve that problem by using your vacuum before you clean, suggests @allisonscleanin. Just make sure the area is totally dry first.

Attack the grease on stove hood filters

Stove hood filters hold on to a lot of grease, and @vaneamaro91 demonstrates how to banish it. Just remove the filters from the hood, remove excess grease with a paper towel, then apply the degreaser of your choice. Finally, pour boiling water on the filter and brush away the degreaser with a sturdy brush.

Remove hard water stains with pumice

Unsightly hard water buildup doesn’t stand a chance against a pumice stone. According to @cleancleanmachine, you can use a pumice stick to scour away hard water spots on your stainless steel sink.

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