Infuse Your Booze with This “Incanter”

updated May 1, 2019
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We’re all very familiar with the decanter — designed to let your wine breathe or to make both a fancy or not-so-fancy bottle of Scotch look high-class — but have you seen the Incanter? Its whole purpose is to add stuff to your booze; as the name implies, it’s a combination of an infuser and decanter.

(Image credit: MoMA Store)

The glass tube in the center has a few small holes distributed around, so the flavors of the herbs, fruit, or spices you place inside can be infused into the spirit of your choice. And the topsy-turvy base makes it easy to swirl your concoction and aerate the flavors.

(Image credit: MoMA Store)

We love the idea of adding fresh fruit to a spirit like gin or tequila, and chili peppers or rosemary sprigs to vodka.

What combination would you try first in the Incanter?