How the Five Second Rule Actually Works: A Completely Scientific Infographic

published Jan 22, 2014
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(Image credit: Just Eat)

Ever wonder exactly how that five second rule works? Does it apply to all types of food — five seconds no matter what? Does a Skittle absorb germs as fast as a slice of buttered toast, face down on the floor? Luckily we ran across this entertaining and totally scientific infographic to explain exactly how it all works.

Oops, did you think there was an actual scientific explanation to the five second rule? Gotcha! It seems like everybody loves an infographic these days, and we were humored by this “entirely scientifically accurate* guide” by Just Eat, a food delivery website in the U.K.

So why is it all about the five seconds? The golden ratio of food on the floor mathematics of course! According to Just Eat, “picking food up [at five seconds] is actually healthier for you than if you hadn’t dropped it on the floor at all.”

We’re not so sure about how quantum mechanics or sleeping germs fit in, but either way we’re entertained. Just be sure to give the gullibility clause a read at the bottom.

See the original: The 5 Second Rule at Just Eat

(Image credit: Just Food)

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