Infographic: Do You Know How Much Water You Eat Every Day?

published Oct 11, 2013
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You might think that most of your daily water use comes from household tasks like washing the dishes or taking a shower, but the surprising truth is that a whopping 92% of the water you consume comes from the food you eat. That’s right — you eat 3496 liters (about 924 gallons) of water every day. How is this possible?

Designer Angela Morelli created a fascinating interactive infographic that details how and why we consume so much water through the food we eat without even knowing it.

We use 137 liters (36 gallons) of water every day through domestic consumption: cleaning, flushing the toilet, doing laundry, bathing, drinking and cooking. We also consume 167 liters (44 gallons) of “invisible” water through the industrial processes used to produce paper, cotton and clothes.

But the overwhelming majority of our water consumption comes from our food, particularly from corn-fed meat. Producing 1 kilo (2.2 pounds) of beef, for example, requires 15,400 liters (4,068 gallons) of water, from the irrigation needed to grow the grains and hay that feed the cow to the water needed in the slaughtering process.

Though the numbers are stark, Morelli offers some solutions: have at least one meat-free day every week, look for grass-fed meats (which require less water to raise), and strive to waste less food.

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Do these numbers surprise you?

(Image: Angela Morelli)