Valentine's Day

22 Valentine’s Day Gifts (for $25 or Less) That Every Home Cook Will Love

updated Jan 27, 2023
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For Valentine’s Day, my husband and I usually get each other what we call “I love you” gifts. They don’t cost a ton — they’re just little treats that are meant to express our gratitude for one another. I use some of the things he’s gotten me on a daily basis, and they’re little reminders of our love. There’s the spoon rest I got a few years ago, the handmade wooden mortar and pestle he picked up for me in Germany, and the salt crock that lives near my stove. They’re small but mighty, as the saying goes.

In the spirit of “I love you” gifts, I rounded up 22 Valentine’s Day gifts that cost just $25 or less — all of which are perfect for the cook or food lover in your life.

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Get this gorgeous spatula for the person you flip over. Get it? It comes in three shades and can mix, scrape, and flip. It can also be used on all types of pans, is dishwasher-safe, and is heat-resistant to 450 degrees Fahrenheit.

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This knife is a great gift for anyone who loves buttered toast (aka joy). It shaves even super-cold butter into thin ribbons that magically melt onto toast.

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Conversation heart candy? Fine. Conversation heart SOAPS? Even better! Your partner will, ahem, heart these little soaps. Here's the best part: They smell like real Sweetheart candies.

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Get ‘em something they’ll use every day. This paring knife is super-sharp, durable, and comfortable to hold. Include a note that says something about how you two make the most perfect paring.

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Hedley & Bennett

I know what you’re thinking: Socks? But, these aren’t just any socks. They’re from Hedley & Bennett, which makes fantastic aprons and kitchenware. The patterns are adorable, too, including ones with lemons, bananas, and pineapples on them.

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Great Jones

This tote is perfect for someone who wants to proudly display their love for their Dutchess, Holy Sheet, and/or Hot Dish wherever they go. (Even if it's just the grocery store.)

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was $29.99

This electric gizmo takes all the work out of opening a bottle of wine. Plus, the battery lasts forever (up to 30 bottles). Really, anyone who loves wine needs it in their life.

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These are truly some of the best dish towels. And before you say, “A dish towel for Valentine’s Day?” it can double as an apron, too.

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Williams Sonoma

If this Le Creuset rainbow heart mug doesn’t scream LOVE, what does? However, it’s not so festive that it can't be used year-round.

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Williams Sonoma

This is an extremely adorable spatula. Again, it’s not too Valentine’s Day-y that it can’t be used on a daily basis. Imagine all the cake batter and cookie dough this spatula will help make.

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Hickory Farms

This sample pack from Hickory Farms is (dare I say it) almost better than chocolate. It includes a mini summer sausage, sharp cheddar cheese, pineapple mustard, sweet hot mustard, and toasted crackers. Doesn’t get much cheddar than that.

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Crate & Barrel

Honey for your honey? This honey pot has rave reviews and is beautiful in its simplicity. Just add a jar of honey and you’re set.

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I mean, what’s a more classic Valentine’s Day gift than chocolate? This particular bar is packed full of strawberries and chunks of airy homemade shortcake — and every bite is absolute heaven.

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Made with macadamia nuts from the Big Island and honey harvested on Oahu, this nut butter is the ideal topping for toast, yogurt, and smoothies or just eating straight from the jar. Even if you've never been to Hawaii together, this jar will make you feel like you have, so it’s worth every penny!

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Fly by Jing
was $14.00

Every Valentine's Day needs a little bit of heat. Get yours in the form of this chili oil, a bright and flavorful must-have spiked with the electrifying tingle of Sichuan peppers.

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Most aprons in this style will cost you more than double, so this one is a total steal. It comes in several colors and it has pockets, which is always a bonus.

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was $13.00

The meal prepper in your life will appreciate these storage bags. They come in the prettiest hues — blush pink, cream, mint — and are available in tons of sizes, like a 34-ounce one that’ll fit a sandwich and a 10-ounce one for storing snacks.

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This milk frother has nearly 80,000 positive Amazon reviews and turns any coffee drink into an experience. Get it for your favorite coffee date and pick out their favorite color from the 26 different options.

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If that special someone loves their cast-iron skillet as much as, um, they love you, they need this brush. It’s effective, good-looking, and has a little scraper at the end that’s super helpful for removing cooked-on food.

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Bed Bath & Beyond

This small cutting board is the ideal size for prepping sandwiches, cutting up an apple for a snack, or chopping some herbs to finish a dish. Tell your SO that you'll never be board with them.

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Hot stuff! Although you know your love burns deep, your favorite home cook might not know how hot their roast chicken happens to be. This inexpensive thermometer is incredibly reliable and an absolute must-have.

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For that special someone who puts hot sauce on everything, you gotta get ‘em this. It’s hot, but not the hottest hot sauce. The product description suggests adding it to mayo to make spicy aioli, which sounds like just about the best idea.