Inexpensive Party Accessories: SaveOnCrafts Online Store

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Simple decorations and basic table settings are perfectly fine for dinner parties and little gatherings. But when we’re throwing a big party, we love to go the whole nine yards and give the night a special glamour! The online store SaveOnCrafts has become our first stop when looking for affordable party supplies.

Every time we go to their site, we get sucked in for hours! They seem to have every kind of party supply we’ve ever dreamed of, from elegant votive candles and vases to kitschy-cool streamers and flickering fiber-optic centerpieces. The deals are very reasonable – the site gives both the original retail price and their sale price so you can compare.

Besides party supplies, the site also has a good stock of basic home-decor supplies. You can find apothecary jars in all sizes, hanging paper lanterns, and even some decent stemware.

Their stock is always rotating, but if you go in with a flexible idea about what you’d like, you’ll find something that fits the bill. Like any clearance-type store, you have to sort through some of the silly products in order to find the real gems.

We’ve never had any problems ordering from them. Our purchases are processed quickly, and they arrive on schedule and without any problems.

Have you ever ordered from this company? What’s your opinion of them?

(Images: SaveOnCrafts)