Mel & Dave’s Industrial Chic Kitchen

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Kitchen renovations can be nightmares — but they’re usually worth it in the end. Mel and Dave’s kitchen is no exception. They saw their new kitchen through blood, sweat and the inevitable tears, but they’re not only happy with the outcome, they’re proud as well.

Mel andDave live in an industrial loft in Toronto. It used to be a storage space for Sears and there were quite a few things they had to change when they initially moved in. One of the spaces that needed the most work was the kitchen. They knew they needed help and thought they were calling in the big guns when they hired a kitchen designer.

Unfortunately, the kitchen designer hired some pretty lousy contractors and their work wasn’t up to par. Mel and Dave then had to take matters into their own hands (literally!) and that’s where all the blood, sweat and tears came into play.

The seamless Corian counter top is really great and such an innovative and smart material to use. The light color of the cabinets works surprisingly well with the darker wood in the rest of the loft. Of course, the stainless steel appliances and knobs were a must — this is an industrial loft after all!

The island is personally our favorite part. It can be used as an island during food preparation, but, it can also be used as their dining table. Due to the fact that it’s adjustable, it’s such a versatile piece and saves a lot of room in the space. They have a smaller table for just the two of them, but when they entertain, they obviously need to utilize the larger table.

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(Images: Abby Stone)