Indoor-Outdoor Kitchens

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

We’re not talking fully-appointed kitchens at the poolside here. Rather, these kitchens are the main kitchens of home interiors and serve as a connection between the indoors and out through openings, views, materials. It’s easy to imagine the purpose of such a kitchen on a nice spring day like today (not that the poolside version wouldn’t be fun, too!).

1 This kitchen by Ron Radziner is sunken and has no upper cabinets. This vantage point provides unobstructed visual connection to the outdoors, and physical connection through full-height movable glass panels.
2 This indoor-outdoor kitchen makes a connection through doors and through material. Look at how that beautiful tile floor pours right out onto the patio.
3 While fully outdoors, this kitchen is protected by a full roof overhead, complete with recessed lighting and a range hood.
4 A window wall with fully operable casement windows above counter height allow this kitchen to go from indoor to out very easily. That door at the end of the cabinetry makes it very easy to slip right outside, too.
5 French doors on all sides connect this kitchen directly to outdoor dining space.

(Images: Roger Davies/NYT, Commune, ACM Design, Elle Decor, Tria Giovan/Southern Accents)