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I Can’t Think of Anything More Luxurious than a Cheese Snack Plate for Lunch

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individual cheese snack plates
Credit: Hip Foodie Mom

An individual cheese plate is a joy to behold, and it makes a pretty fantastic lunch when you need something a little special or are just short on time. Roll up some salami, slice some cheddar, and pretend you’re sitting at a fancy restaurant or wine bar instead of in front of a screen. Easy, right?

This idea isn’t just for adults, however. It’s a particularly great lunch option for kids. “With the kids at home going to school virtually, I’ve been mixing it up for lunch time,” says Alice Choi from Hip Foodie Mom. “These individual cheese snack plates have saved me so much time and are often much better than some of the other pre-packaged snack containers you can buy from the grocery store.”

Assembling the components in aesthetically pleasing ways is half the fun of a cheese plate. Once you have selected your cheeses, arrange them on the plate with a bit of distance between them for the rest of the ingredients. Play around with the arrangement of the meats to see what looks good. You can roll salami slices, fold pepperoni, and stack cubed sausage — have some fun with whatever you have.

Once you have your meat and cheese down, you can add some fresh fruit. Mandarin oranges are a particularly good option. The citrus contrasts with the saltiness of the cheese, and they’re relatively easy for kids to peel. Apples also make a good choice, and they taste particularly good with cheese. If you want to add something sweet, you can add chocolate chips, candied nuts, or even some little cookies.

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Credit: Meghan Splawn
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