Ina Garten’s Tip for Crisp-on-the-Outside, Gooey-on-the-Inside Chocolate Chip Cookies

published Sep 15, 2021
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Credit: The Kitchn

Ina Garten’s recipes stand out for their simplicity, but there is always a twist — a secret ingredient, special technique, or time-saving trick — that takes them up from the everyday to unique and delightful. The chocolate chip cookies in her recent book, Modern Comfort Food, fit that description perfectly. 

Ina posted the cookies on Instagram last week, commenting that “You can be miserable before you eat a cookie and you can be miserable after you eat a cookie, but you absolutely can’t be miserable while you’re eating a giant crinkled chocolate chip cookie!!!” She describes them as “chocolaty, crisp, and a little salty, and the perfect after-school treat with a glass of milk.”

Ina’s cookies take fairly standard ingredients, with special touches coming in the recommendation for Lindt chocolate and the fleur de sel at the end. Then, after mixing together the various ingredients, you scoop them onto a pan, freeze the dough for exactly 15 minutes, then bake four cookies on each sheet to give each cookie enough space. They bake for 10 minutes alone, then another 20 with the pan-banging technique that gives them the unique texture. 

Sarah Kieffer originally set off the pan-banging frenzy with her cookie recipe, which deflates the cookies mid-bake to create ripples around the edges and ensures they have both a crisp outer section and that soft, gooey center. Ina (whose recipe is inspired by Kieffer’s) has you take the cookies out of the oven and bang them every three minutes throughout the last two-thirds of the baking time. Add the salt, let them cool, and devour.

However, if you have a small child napping while you bake and you do not want to alert them to the upcoming treat — or you simply don’t want to make a big racket while baking — you can try this cookie-tearing trick from Shauna Sever.