5 Burning Questions We Have About Ina Garten’s Pantry

published Apr 25, 2018
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(Image credit: Quentin Bacon)

Kitchn recently conducted a very important and difficult investigation where we tried to figure out everything that Ina Garten had in her pantry based off a photo she shared on Twitter. It was hard work, but very rewarding in the end, because we finally know what we should be buying at the grocery store (white chocolate, apparently).

After all that hard research was done, however, we were left with questions. As Kitchn editors passed the story around and marveled in its execution, we realized we still had a lot to learn from Ina. Here’s what we wish we could ask the domestic goddess about her pantry.

1. What do you use roasted tahini for?

Kitchn’s Managing Editor, Lauren Kodiak, spotted roasted tahini (alongside regular tahini) in Ina’s pantry, and now she wants to know why Ina keeps both on hand. Are there certain dishes that taste better with roasted tahini? We need to know!

2. What do you plan on using all that white chocolate for, Ina?

The thing that jumps out the most in Ina’s pantry is the rather absurd amount of white chocolate she has squirreled away. She has 13 bars of white chocolate, to be exact. Kitchn’s Assistant Food Editor, Sheela Prakash, wants to know if Ina secretly has a thing for white chocolate, and what exactly she plans on making with all those bars.

3. Is there a reason you don’t use organizing bins?

Kitchn’s organizing expert (and Lifestyle Editor), Lisa Freedman, noticed that there’s no organizing bins or tools in Ina’s pantry. Not that it looks messy, or anything, Ina! But curious minds want to know if she thinks they are unnecessary. Do we need to rethink our entire kitchen organization strategy?

4. What’s the best honey for baking, Ina?

Ina has two different kinds of honey in her pantry, and Associate Food Editor Meghan Splawn wants to know which one she uses for baking and why. We need to know!

5. Um, why do you have so many different kinds of vanilla extract?

It looks like Ina has four different kinds of vanilla extract in her pantry, and I personally want to know what she does with them all. Is there a time when Mexican vanilla extract is better than the homemade stuff? And why do you have that much homemade vanilla extract to begin with? Please let me come over and find out.

Do you have any burning questions about Ina’s pantry to share?