We Did a Deep Investigation into What Ina Garten Keeps in Her Pantry

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I am convinced that Ina Garten is teasing us, because she must know her fans well enough by this point to understand that she can’t post a photo of her pantry on Twitter without us zooming in obsessively to pore over every specific product she keeps in stock.

But that’s exactly what she did this afternoon when she posted an innocent photo of her enviably well-stocked pantry during a bit of spring cleaning.

“This is the time of year I like to go through my pantry to do a little ‘spring cleaning,” Ina wrote. “I toss ingredients that have sell-by dates from the last century and I do a little organizing. It takes a little time but it saves me so much time when I’m cooking for the rest of the year!!”

My phone has a zoom function, and I have an overwhelming desire to know exactly what type of chocolate chips and brand of anchovies Ina likes best. So I went through the whole photo to identify every product I could make out from the picture.

As expected, Ina’s pantry has some fancy things, like homemade vanilla extract and 13 bars of Lindt white chocolate, but it’s full of surprisingly ordinary items, too. Sure, she has four different kinds of vanilla, but she also has the same Heinz ketchup, Planters peanuts, and Sun-Maid raisins as everyone else. (I admit I felt a surge of pride when I saw we have the same brand of raisins.)

I guess I need to do a big pantry clean-out too, because at this point I officially know more about what’s in Ina’s pantry than what’s in my own. And now I have a lot of questions, like what does she use the roasted tahini for, and what on earth is she going to do with all that white chocolate?

Everything We Found in Ina Garten’s Pantry

Starting at the top left corner of the Instagram photo, here’s exactly what’s in Ina’s pantry.

  1. Nielsen Massey Vanilla Extract: Ina has Tahitian vanilla extract, Mexican vanilla extract, and Madagascar Bourbon vanilla extract.
  2. Fran’s Caramel Sauce
  3. Nespresso Pods: Ina Garten appears to be a fan of Nespresso’s Cosi flavor
  4. Celestial Seasonings tea in Lemon Zinger and Red Zinger
  5. Planters Lightly Salted Dry-Roasted Peanuts
  6. Citarella Nuts Hazelnuts
  7. Rice Select Original Couscous, Texmati Rice, and Texmati Brown Rice
  8. 4C Plain Bread Crumbs
  9. I think this is farro, but I can’t make out the brand.
  10. Sun-Maid Raisins in both Regular and Golden
  11. Golden Blossom Honey
  12. Quogue Wildlife Refuge Summer Honey 2017
  13. Grandma’s Molasses
  14. Bragg Farm Maple Syrup Grading Sampler
  15. This huge Ball jar appears to be full of Ina Garten’s homemade vanilla extract
  16. Callebaut White Chocolate Pieces
  17. Lindt Swiss Classic White Chocolate Bars (13 bars!)
  18. Nestle Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chunks
  19. Huy Fong Sambal Olek
  20. Huy Fong Sriracha
  21. Lee & Perrins Worcestershire Sauce
  22. Heinz Tomato Ketchup
  23. Sesame King Roasted Tahini
  24. Kikkoman Soy Sauce
  25. Joyva Sesame Tahini
  26. (Is this Prince of Peace Ginseng Extract?)
  27. Azienda IASA Anchovy Fillets in Olive Oil
  28. Beldi Preserved Lemons
  29. Sun Brands Madras Curry Powder
  30. Citarella spices: mustard seeds, cayenne, smoked Spanish paprika, ground cumin

Did you spot anything good in Ina’s pantry?

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