Ina Garten Spills Her Coveted Linen Secrets on Instagram

updated Jul 18, 2019
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Credit: NBCUniversal/Getty Images

We all stan Ina for her breezy, enticing recipes that turn out perfectly every time, but the truth is, her allure is so much more than just the food — it’s the whole aesthetic. So when she posted an Instagram shot yesterday of where she was shopping for linens, of course we had to pay attention: where can we find the kinds of understated, casual, yet impressive fabrics that decorate the Barefoot Contessa house? Brooklyn, it turns out. 

Yes, Ina shops for her lovely linens at Collyer’s Mansion, it seems. The adorable Brooklyn Heights shop that curates an eclectic mix of artisan home goods is named for the term firefighters use to describe an extreme hoarding situation (which has a whole fascinating story behind it).

“Our finds include eco-friendly furniture, vibrant textiles, original artwork, handmade jewelry, and a dynamic assortment of prints, patterns, colors and more,” the store describes itself on the Collyer’s Mansion’s website. “Sophisticated and timeless, our pieces are suited for everyday living, yet double as works of art.” That basically sounds like precisely Ina’s style, so it’s not surprising this is where she picks up her tablecloths, napkins, and other fabric pieces. And yes, you can shop online if you’re not in NYC.

 “Fun linens,” Ina captioned her post, but honestly, there’s so much more to the store: beyond the nice patterned clothes she demonstrated, this is the place to go for your hedgehog tea towels, leopard print pink placemats, uniformed cat trays

Okay, so maybe just shopping at the same store as Ina won’t get you quite all the way to her level of perfection, but don’t worry, we’ve found her Instagram tips for table setting useful in the past, now we’re just one step closer to being able to imitate her style. In the meantime, we’ll be following Collyer’s Mansion’s Instagram for amazing gems like this tiger bathmat and all the dog photos.