These Mini Ina Garten Halloween Costumes Are Giving Us Life

(Image credit: The Kitchn)

This Halloween, if you can’t summon the flames directly from hell, dress your kids up like Ina and Jeffrey instead! Is that how that classic Ina Halloween meme goes? No?

I’m here to report that the entire Kitchn staff is officially deceased after seeing these toddlers dressed up like our beloved Ina and Jeffrey, gracing the Internet with their absolutely perfect presence. To all the parents who had the foresight to purchase child-sized chambray button-down shirts in time for Halloween, you’re the real MVPs.

Here we have a young Jeffrey, stealing one of Ina’s famous chocolate chip cookies — to her absolute delight. This is also to the real Ina’s absolute delight, as she shared the photo with her 1.6 million followers with the caption “LOL!”

And here we have all of Ina and Jeffrey’s makings of a perfect Friday night in: roast chicken, outrageous brownies, and HYDRANGEAS.

And here we have a mini Ina going absolutely hog wild with a wooden spoon and a rubber roast chicken.

As you can see, dressing your kids up as Ina and Jeffrey for Halloween is almost as easy as preparing a typical Barefoot Contessa recipe. All it takes is a little bit of “make it ahead,” to have you saying “how easy is that?”