Ina Just Spent a Week Celebrating Jeffrey and Our Hearts Have Burst

published Dec 22, 2018
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(Image credit: Quentin Bacon)

What’s the secret to a successful marriage? Nobody knows. But if there’s one couple that comes close to cracking the code on marital bliss, it’s most certainly Ina and Jeffrey Garten. Ina is very open about her love for her husband: She wrote an entire cookbook dedicated to him, he’s a frequent guest on her show, and they’ve both talked extensively about how, in the earlier years of their marriage, Jeffrey encouraged Ina to find her passion and follow it, even if it was risky.

Earlier this year, Ina remarked that what makes their relationship so strong is that Jeffrey believes in her completely — and that they never had children, so they are free to focus on each other. Are your eyes welling up already? Well get ready to feel even more emotions, because in celebration of the pair’s 50th wedding anniversary TODAY, Ina has been posting throwback photos of her and Jeffrey through the years. The result is a collage of their marriage that will melt your heart.

Garten posted the first photo three days ago. The black and white snap shows the pair on the way to their honeymoon, tennis rackets in hand.

Later that day, she posted a shot of her and Jeffrey on a four-month camping trip through Europe they took in 1971. Jeffrey has described that trip as formative for Ina; she was able to flex her cooking muscles nightly, as she prepared “buffets” for the pair on a gas stove.

Ina posted a picture the next day from the era when they both worked in Washington D.C. as government officials. Yes, that’s right, Ina worked as a budget analyst in the nuclear energy policy department. She’s basically a genius.

Now as you may know, Ina and Jeffrey own an apartment in Paris. They bought it in 2002, and Ina redecorated it on her own — she didn’t send a single picture to her husband for approval or input. She simply hoped he’d trust her to make it feel like home, and he did. In the picture Garten posted yesterday, she and Jeffrey are together in Paris, a place they dreamed of visiting in the early days of their courtship. Their life turned out much more glamorous than they thought it would, but who does Ina credit? Jeffrey, of course, who she writes made all her dreams come true.

And then there was yesterday. Ina posted a video that I guarantee will convince even the people most cynical about romance that love is still very much alive. In the video, Garten jokes that Jeffrey doesn’t cook for her but he does make her coffee. He then appears in the frame, in a full cook’s outfit to teach us how to make the perfect cup of coffee. They can hardly contain their glee, bubbling over with laughter as Jeffrey meticulously completes each step. The couple clearly still enjoys each other so much, and can have fun with anything, as long as they’re together. As someone in the comments wrote, “This is goals!” We couldn’t agree more. Here’s to 50 more years of Jeffrey and Ina’s iconic romance.