10 Gifts for Ina-Lovers Who Already Have “Modern Comfort Food”

published Dec 14, 2020
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Credit: Photo: Getty Images, Graphic: Kitchn

Shopping for someone who marked their calendar for the big release of Ina Garten’s latest cookbook? (It was October 6, in case you weren’t one of those people.) You can’t exactly buy your favorite Ina-lover a copy of Modern Comfort Food (because they likely already have it!), but we have a few other ideas for you. Ina either has these exact things in her kitchen or we’ve made educated guesses to pick things we know she’d like. If it’s good enough for Ina …

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Great Jones

You can't make the full rainbow of comfort food without a casserole dish. And this new one from Great Jones is seriously one of our favorites. If you decide to give this as a gift (instead of keeping it for yourself), tell your loved one to make Ina's Potato Fennel Gratin in it.

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Williams Sonoma

Ina firmly believes that the key to great home cooking starts with a “good knife.” But what does she consider to be a “good” knife? She swears by Wüsthof’s classic chef’s knife and says the brand is worth the investment. Just tell your friend to ignore whatever Ina says and DO NOT put the knife in the dishwasher!

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Williams Sonoma
was $300.00

When it comes time to make perfectly crispy hashbrowns, Ina actually skips the oven and stovetop ... in favor of her waffle iron. She says it makes for the “easiest and most delicious hash browns you’ll ever make" and, honestly, we agree. This is the exact same waffle maker Ina has.

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Back in April, Ina gave all of her Instgram followers a treat: a fun video of her making a giant pitcher of Cosmopolitans. It was the recipe we didn't know we needed during quarantine. And honestly, we all still need it now. She specifically calls for Cointreau in the video so be sure to get a bottle for anyone who liked the video. They'll get the joke instantly.

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Ina always has crocks full of wooden spoons all around her while she cooks, but this wooden spoon is the last one your friend will ever need. It's made of a composite material, which means it won't crack or split and it's dishwasher-safe. Wrap a ribbon around it and add a note saying you hope you guys can mix things up in 2021.

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Ina recently welcomed the New York Times into her barn for a socially distanced tour of her workspace. We saw a lot of fun things (keep reading this list!) including her collection of three different salts. The one that stood out to us the most: this French sea salt. "I use it to finish things. It's kind of just lightly briny," she said during her tour.

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During that same tour, Ina also pulled out this OXO kitchen scale. "I use it all time," she said. "If something says 5 ounces and you want it to be 5 ounces, it's really helpful to have a kitchen scale." Get this for your most precise friend. Or your friend who wants to be precise.

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The last thing we wanted to call out from Ina's New York Times tour: her giant butcher blocks. She had two front and center during her tour and said she has even more stored away. Get one of these Boos boards for a loved one and, as long as they take care of it, it will last for ages.

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We haven't actually seen Ina wear a sweatshirt, but if she ever did, we imagine, she'd wear this one. Also: Soft clothes are fine, too.

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Ina and Jeffrey had one last socially distanced outdoor "dinner party" (they had one other couple over) at the end of November before the weather turned. She showed her simple-yet-gorgeous table setting on Instagram and we fell hard for her woven placemats. Chances are, your favorite would-be hostess also noticed them, so we found a close look-a-like option.