Ina Garten’s Latest Episode of “Be My Guest” Featured Emily Blunt — And Yes, They Talked About *Those* Potatoes

published Oct 25, 2022
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Ina Garten and Emily Blunt
Credit: Food Network

Ina Garten is something of a legend, with her television programs and cookbooks making her the go-to for everything from a great roast chicken recipe to a quality (and giant) cosmo cocktail. But her most recent television series has revealed that as much as everyone considers her the best source for all sorts of cooking and entertaining advice, she actually is constantly learning from those around her.

On the latest episode of Ina’s Food Network series, Be My Guest, she interviewed actress and good friend Emily Blunt, welcoming her with scones. (Because what better way to make someone feel welcome in your home than to give them a touch of their own?)

The two took to Ina’s beautiful home kitchen to chat, where they indulged in the pastry with clotted cream and raspberry jam. It was there, Emily shared where she got her love of a good afternoon tea: her father. She then went on to let Ina in on how to properly enjoy a scone — placing the clotted cream on the scone first, and then topping with the jam. “You get a little bite of the sweetness right as it hits your tastebuds,” she explained.

Interestingly enough, however, the actress revealed that her way of eating scones is not the way the late Queen Elizabeth II enjoyed hers. “I’ll never be a dame!” she quipped. However, Ina showed her the ultimate respect of trying scones her way rather than the royal way.

The two also discussed Emily having grown up in London as well as her family’s Sunday roast traditions noting them to be ” long and wine fueled!” and something that would last for many hours on Sunday afternoon flowing well into Sunday evening. Sounds like a tradition we should try adopting! And if you’re wondering if Emily’s famous roasted potatoes recipe became the topic of discussion at any point, you can bet it absolutely did.

Ina’s time with Emily wasn’t the only big thing to air this week as she also appeared on 60 Minutes to promote her now available cookbook, Go-To Dinners. In the nearly 15-minute interview with Sharyn Alfonsi, the two discuss how Ina has built her seemingly effortless culinary empire while working harder than most people could imagine.

“I’m really a nervous cook and I’m sure every recipe is going to turn out wrong. So I’m really very precise,” she said in the interview, noting that she makes a recipe sometimes as many as 25 times before she’s happy with it. Revealing that she never went to cooking school, Ina doubled down on a statement she’s said many time before: she learned a lot of her culinary foundation from reading Julia Child cookbooks. Hey, we all have to start somewhere and it looks like it worked out well for her!

Take a look at the full 60 Minutes interview below.