Ina Garten Went Day Drinking with Seth Meyers and We’re Jealous

published Feb 7, 2019
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Last night on Late Night with Seth Meyers, the host got to live the dream: he spent an afternoon day-drinking with the Barefoot Contessa herself. Seth gets drunk (or, at least, stage drunk), and Ina remains her composed, lovely self while crushing Seth at the drinking games he challenges her to and dropping info like what her favorite cocktail is.

The pair start out their “refined afternoon” sipping Pimm’s cups at the Corner Bistro, or at least Ina does — Seth chugs his while Ina says, “I’m in big trouble.” She is. They each make three cocktails from her recipes — Duke’s Cosmopolitan, a Mai Tai, and a Whiskey Sour, which Ina says is her favorite. However, they have to drink each other’s and so Seth chugs Ina’s drinks while Ina dutifully sips at Seth’s cups of disaster — he doesn’t measure and just sort of chucks ingredients around.

Round two of their bar Olympics involves Seth guessing which sauce is an Ina recipe and which are fast food — her mustard horseradish dip against Arby’s “horsey” sauce, her barbecue sauce versus McDonald’s, and her gravy up against KFC’s. Ina’s face and “mweh” when she tastes horsey sauce are, alone, worth watching the segment. He does not miss any.

While Ina similarly aces the barefoot challenge (matching bare celebrity feet to their owners) in the women’s category, she misidentifies Seth’s in the men’s. Then they move on to the quotes — Ina has to name the celebrity chef that said each quote. Some are easy — “Yummo” and “Bam,” but she nails even the harder ones, before segueing into a Jeffrey college story which Seth, disappointingly, interrupts! He, understandably, is a bit jealous: “Jeffrey, Jeffrey, Jeffrey!” he says.

Finally, the segment ends with a birthday celebration for Ina, with Seth having made one of her cakes in a fashion that can only be described as straight off the show Nailed It! Ina, unsurprisingly, is unendingly gracious, even in the face of a sloping cake that looks like it was made by a three-year-old. While the show is mostly in good fun, it’s also an impressive show of Ina’s hostess skills — perhaps this is a Barefoot Contessa episode about “What to do when your actual host gets wasted.”