Ina Garten Just Shared Her Holiday Menu and We Want an Invite

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If Thanksgiving celebrations whetted your appetite for entertaining, I’ve got excellent news for you: Ina Garten just released her whole holiday cocktail party menu. It’s as decadent, glamorous, and rich as we’d expect from Ina, but also easy enough for any beginner to pull off.

Ina Garten knows that cocktail parties can be overwhelming to organize. “How many hors d’oeuvres should you make? And how to serve them? What kinds of spirits and mixers do you need?” she writes.

Well, she’s taken all the organizing stress off our hands by just handing us a DIY template for an Ina Garten-level cocktail party. First, she says it’s easiest and most hospitable to just lay out a self-service bar so everyone can make their drinks exactly as they like them.

She also picks five appetizers with enough variety so it feels like meal. She says she likes to include fish, meat, cheese, vegetables, and nuts, and then something sweet at the end to go with coffee. That means the whole party can be arranged in advance, without having to spend a ton of energy making a full sit-down meal. That means everybody — including the host — can enjoy delicious food and great cocktails while focusing on what’s really the most important: enjoying the company of their friends.

Ina Garten’s Holiday Cocktail Party Menu

Below are the recipes for Ina Garten’s perfect holiday cocktail party. She started with classic Cosmos with a twist — Ina Garten adds a bit of egg white to give them a richer mouthfeel, and that cranberry-orange flavor is perfect for the holidays. You’ll see she also did everybody a favor by selecting a range of recipes that are all suited for a beginner in the kitchen, but they’re still wildly impressive.

She picked roasted shrimp cocktail, smoked salmon deviled eggs, and chipotle and rosemary roasted nuts for snacking, and butternut squash and ricotta bruschetta and roasted figs with prosciutto to make sure nobody has an empty stomach. Of course there must be dessert, and she has an amazing French chocolate bark, so people can break off pieces as they mingle. It’s the next best thing to actually being invited to a cocktail party at Ina and Jeffrey’s house.

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