Are Gel Mats Worth It? Ina Says Yes. (Here’s Her Favorite!)

updated May 24, 2019
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You might assume that Ina Garten has a super-cushy job, testing foolproof recipes all day in the comfort of her East Hampton kitchen that’s worthy of a glossy magazine spread. And yes, while all of that is quite true, you’re definitely overlooking one thing: the length of time that she’s on her feet. You see, standing for extended periods of time (even while cooking) can lead to back and foot pain, full body soreness, and achy joints. All in all, it can be super taxing on the body. So I guess cooking all day is not so cushy after all, huh?

When we caught up with Ina at the start of her Cook Like a Pro book tour, we got the inside scoop on her secret weapon in the kitchen: GelPro mats (aka how she cooks on her feet all day like a pro!).

“We use GelPro mats. I couldn’t live without them. I have them in every kitchen. Because we are literally on our feet for four to six hours a day, they really are incredibly useful. It’s a really important pro tip!” Ina told us.

These anti-fatigue mats have a half-inch gel core which provides support and helps alleviate pain. It has a non-slip bottom and a water-resistant bottom too, so you can keep it right by the sink and not worry about slipping or spilling.

Our Editor-in-Chief, Faith Durand agrees. “I did find, after all, that standing on one of these mats really helps — especially over long periods of time.

Another confession from Ina? “I have a tendency to work in my slippers, which is probably terrible for you. When I remember to put on good shoes, that’s probably better too,” Ina said.

Who among us can’t relate? So, the next time you feel a little achey after a cooking marathon, you have two options.

1. Invest in a GelPro mat.

2. Swap out your slippers for sneakers!