In Which I Give Up and Get a New Dishwasher

In Which I Give Up and Get a New Dishwasher

Anne Wolfe Postic
Oct 20, 2014
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I woke up and knew my day was not great before my feet hit the floor. I was out of coffee, I hadn't slept well (thanks to my new obsession with Criminal Minds on Netflix), and several little things were irritating the living daylights out of me. One of those things was our dishwasher. After several repairs, it's been particularly awful, incapable of meeting the most basic responsibility of a dishwasher, namely, cleaning dishes.

Hrmph. I decided to fix it myself, and it cut my finger. Still in pajamas, holding my hand over my head and searching for a bandage and feeling sorry for myself, I knew it was over. So I went shopping.

Well, not immediately. I found a bandage, the last one at the bottom of a drawer, half unwrapped, so I had to make sure the wound was very clean before I wrapped it. I took a shower, still holding my hand over my head and feeling sorry for myself. I got dressed, wiped my nose, and found it particularly difficult to put on makeup, what with the bleeding finger, soggy bandage, and lack of coffee. I posted on Facebook, asking for dishwasher advice. Pretty much everyone recommended a Bosch. Years before, I had a difficult moment with a Bosch, so I was not convinced.

I have never, however, had a difficult moment with Jeffers-McGill, a locally owned appliance store in a seriously unattractive strip mall which also claims a Big Lots, and is not ten minutes from my home. I abandoned my work, stopped at Walgreens for extra bandages, then Dunkin' Donuts drive-through for coffee, and went to Jeffers-McGill for "research." A little foreshadowing? I bought the Walgreens brand bandages, the least expensive option, just in case I needed extra money later. You know how this goes, don't you? They had a glorious, working dishwasher, on sale.

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It was so shiny! It had so many great features! It did fantastic produce clean dishes! But it was a Bosch. Though it was on sale because it was last year's model, I wasn't convinced. I learned from my father, who would ask for a discount any time, anywhere.

"Can you do any better?" I asked (out of the earshot of other customers, of course) with a pleasant smile. Well, pleasant enough. Because the guy came back and said I could have $20 off! You may scoff at $20, but would you walk past it on the sidewalk? I wouldn't. Would you be pretty pumped if someone handed you $20? I would.

I still wasn't ready to seal the deal. Then he told me installation was included. I asked how soon they might be able to deliver it. He made a quick call, and informed me I could have it in two hours. All I had to do was unload the dirty dishes from the old washer, and I would be good to go in time for dinner. This, combined with the "Six Months, No Interest" deal, and I was all in.

(Image credit: Anne Wolfe Postic)

It has a cool third rack on the top for utensils. The Bosch is super quiet. Unlike our old machine, it cleans dishes. And it is so shiny!

But the best part? This was an irritation I could actually fix, and the whole family was excited. Our youngest son Jack named it: "I am Kris Bosh," read the sign he attached to the door with a soccer ball magnet. I learned something new: Chris Bosh is a basketball player. As a player for the Miami Heat, he probably never has to do dishes. I hope he sees this naming as nothing but a compliment, though, because my kids are pretty excited about not having to wash dishes, and they love basketball.

What does it take for you to buy a new appliance? How broken does the old one have to be? And how do you make the decision?

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