In the Future You Might Have a Liquid Spice Rack

(Image credit: Holy Lama Spice Drops)

Next time you go to restock your spice cabinet, you might just be able to replace all those dusty ground spices with liquid spices instead.

Why in the world, you ask? Why would you consider switching to liquid spices? Turns out they have a couple of benefits.

A new company, Holy Lama Spice Drops, has introduced a line of liquid spices including cinnamon, cardamom, pepper, and ginger among others.

Not only do they last longer — on average three years — but they also have a more standard flavor. When measuring out cardamom pods for example, it can be easy to find one pod that’s more flavorful than another, but with the oil, the flavor is consistent. Finally, they can be much less messy to cook with.

Spice Drops are currently available in the UK, and will be released in the United States later this year.