In Season West Coast: Guava

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

I didn’t even know guava grew in California until I noticed it in the markets this week. There are two types available now, both from somewhere around Fresno. The one pictured has cottony white flesh with small, crunchy, edible seeds and a mild, sweet flavor without much distinction.

The other type is the pineapple guava. These are the size of gumdrops and the golden brown flesh inside has a tooty-fruity like perfume and a floral sweetness tempered by the skin’s powerful astringency. It’s growing on me though. I’m finding it palate cleansing.

Guava are widely eaten in the tropics and the fruit’s roots, bark and leaves are used to treat digestive diseases. Apparently the fruit’s tannins are useful in treating numerous ailments. Most of the recipes I’ve found involve making a paste, jam, jelly or sauce for dessert. Here’s one from the Food Network.

Local blogger, Sam, of Becks & Posh whipped up a smoothie. What, if anything, do Kitchen readers do with guava?