In Season: French Breakfast Radishes

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

I used to hate radishes. Then I became a gardener and caught on to the fact that the seeds could be planted earlier than any other, and the fruits of my labor would be ripe in less than one month. Now I’m hooked.

This year we’re growing French Breakfast Radishes from Peaceful Valley Farm. This is the long, slender variety with the white tips. They’re gorgeous, the only color poking out of the deep dark earth. This weekend, I had to stop myself from clearing the bed of the first crop, they were that delicious.

Crisp and peppery, they begin with a mild flavor, but have a very hot finish. Traditionally, this variety is served with some softened unsalted butter and a plate of fleur de sel. The radish is dipped in butter then given a little crust of salt. If you’re growing them yourself, they’re also great pulled out of the dirt, plunged in the watering can for a little rinse, and eaten on the spot.

These little ruby gems of the spring earth aren’t around forever. Enjoy them. It’s what seasonal eating is all about. Savor what the earth gives you.