Produce Box Report: Dandelion Greens

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

In our produce box this week, we were very happy to receive a beautiful bunch of dandelion greens. They were promptly drizzled with a little bit of basil oil and devoured.

Dandelions, seen as a noxious weed by some and a source of outdoor entertainment by others (who hasn’t made a wish and blown on a puff of dandelion seeds?) are a tasty and healthful salad green packed with vitamins A &C, iron, and more calcium than spinach. They are commonly used as a salad green, but can also be braised, stewed, and sautéed.

When shopping for greens, look for firm, fresh green leaves. Prepare and wash them as you would any salad green – trim the ends off the stems, and rip them up in bite-sized pieces. Dandelion greens will keep for a few days in a crisper drawer. They have a slightly bitter taste that is quite pleasant.

(Image from Whole Foods)


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