In Praise of the Tiny Skillet

In Praise of the Tiny Skillet

Emma Christensen
Mar 18, 2010

Bigger is very often better, especially when it comes to skillets. But we won't be giving up our little 8-inch pan any time soon! It's surprisingly handy for a whole slew of kitchen tasks - plus it's nice to have at least one piece of cookware that doesn't require two hands to lift!

While we can't exactly cook a whole meal in this little skillet, it's great for all the little side-tasks: toasting spices, browning butter, roasting a handful of nuts, infusing a little olive oil, or crisping up some bacon to go on top of a soup. We've used it as an improvised double broiler for melting chocolate and to cook ourselves a single egg on the nights when we're eating alone.

This isn't the kind of tool that we'd recommend rushing out and buying, but keep your eyes peeled at garage sales and thrift stores. If you can find one for relatively cheap (ours is a hand-me-down from an aunt!), then we think it's worth picking up.

Do you have a tiny skillet like this? How do you use yours?

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(Image: Emma Christensen)

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