In Praise of Starting a Cookbook Club

(Image credit: Lucy Hewett)

Have you ever heard of a cookbook club? Think of it like a traditional book club, but with a more cohesive menu.

Serious Eats has a great essay this week about one writer’s history with her cookbook club of more than four years, along with some good advice on starting your own.

The basic gist of a cookbook club is you choose a cookbook and everyone makes a dish from that cookbook to bring to the gathering. We love that you get more bang for your buck (make one recipe, but get to taste several recipes), and that it frees you up to be more adventurous than you might normally be.

We’d add one tip to the advice given for starting your own cookbook club. Head to the library to pick up the book instead of your bookstore. That way if the dishes don’t end up being to your liking, you haven’t dropped upwards of $20 on a cookbook that will now just sit on your shelf. And if you do like it, you can always pick it up after the cookbook club meets.

Have you ever participated in a cookbook club?