In Praise of Koozies

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Koozies get a bad rap of being nothing more than foam billboards for catchy sayings about beer, babes, and football. Well, we love them and have an impressive collection. Some are downright classy, too.

I actually carry a koozie in my purse at all times. If I get on the subway with a can of Diet Coke, I like the fact that I can hold it without my hands getting covered in condensation (or getting cold), and that’s not even counting that the koozie is doing its job—keeping my drink chilly all the way to my destination.

Yes, I get funny looks. But I like to think that those looks melt into a gaze of admiration and understanding because, really, it’s a good idea.

And you can’t deny the benefit of having koozies at an outdoor barbecue. They keep bottles and cans cold, and despite the fact that they’re made out of a foam that I’m sure isn’t eco-friendly, they eliminate people using multiple napkins wrapped around their beers to keep from getting their hands wet.

If you’re worried that the only koozies on the market have a college mascot or a Nascar symbol on the side, take heart: I’ve been to several weddings in the past few years that had personalized, monogrammed koozies at parties. (A popular phrase to print: “To Have and to Hold and to Keep Your Beer Cold.”) There are many websites that will print custom koozies with anything you want.

So, anyone else a koozie addict? Are you pulling yours out for the 4th of July?

(Image: Flickr member davidpbrown, licensed for use under Creative Commons)