In Balance: The Symmetrical Kitchen

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Kitchens have all sorts of things going on in them: large appliances like refrigerators and ranges, possibly seating at an island or table, an area for washing , a place to throw things away. Given all of these programmatic requirements, it’s a wonder such symmetry can be achieved as seen here:

While building a new kitchen symmetrically may be a small challenge, bringing such order into an existing kitchen can seem downright impossible. Here are some ways to bring symmetry (or some semblance of it) to an existing kitchen:

Lighting: Use eye-catching pendants to balance things out.
Shelving: Center shelves about a sink, a window, the range.
Storage: Arrange canisters, bowls, or trays symmetrically on the countertop or on open shelves.

While perfect symmetry may not be in the cards for your kitchen, small bits of it here and there can still impart that feeling of order upon the space.