In a Grilling Slump? 5 Surprising Foods You Should Grill Now

published Jun 25, 2014
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It can be pretty easy to fall into a rut on the grill. After all, burgers, steaks, and the standard veggie-on-a-stick kabobs are all very delicious. As the old saying goes, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it right?

Well, maybe you don’t need to fix it, but you might need to change it up. If you’re in a grilling slump and sick of hot dogs, check out these five creative things to make on the grill.

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1. Pizza

Grilled pizza is all the rage these days and is much easier than you might think. Chop up some toppings, mix up some dough, and have no fear when you toss the dough on the grates. Check out our tutorial:

2. Watermelon

Any time you grill fruit it’s going to concentrate the flavors. Watermelon is my favorite fruit to grill. You can cut it into large slices, rub your grill with a little neutral oil, and toss it right on. I like to make this quick watermelon salad with my grilled melon.

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3. Oysters

If you can get your hands on decent oysters this is a fantastic way to change up the appetizer. The nice thing about it is you don’t even have to shuck them. They open naturally on the grill. Learn how to grill oysters:

4. Guacamole

People might think you are crazy when you toss all your guacamole ingredients (all of them — even the limes) on the grill, but trust me, it works. I thought it was impossible to improve on guacamole, but grilling guacamole actually might do it. Get a couple recipes here:

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5. Artichokes

Artichokes are perfect this time of year and giving them some char is a great idea. Get out our recipe for grilled artichokes:

What unusual foods do you like to grill?

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