In 3 Years, Your Meal Will Come Wrapped in Milk Instead of Plastic

(Image credit: NaturalBox)shutterstock

The plastic wrap that many food items are sold in at the grocery store is not as great as you think. According to Bloomberg, this plastic is hard to recycle, and even adds harmful chemicals to your food. But this could all change in a matter of three short years.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture has been experimenting with a new edible, biodegradable packaging wrapper. The packaging is made out of casein, which is a milk protein. Due to the tighter network of proteins, casein is roughly 500 times better than plastic at keeping oxygen away from food.

As you can see in the above video, in addition to wrapping food items in packaging, the casein material can also help cereal stay crunchy in milk. They are also currently testing single-serve edible food wrappers — such as individual soup portions or single-serve coffee portions. The food packages are able to just dissolve in hot water, leaving you with hot soup or coffee.

While I’m excited about the environmental implications of such packaging, I’m curious to know if this new product will be considered kosher. Will the packaging be able to keep meat fresh as well, and will everyone be able to use it? I have yet to find any information on the subject.

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