8 Important Things We Learned About Food from Michelle Tanner

published Aug 27, 2013
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Last week I discovered the amazing Gimme Pizza song by the Olsen Twins, which led me to other strange and wonderful Michelle Tanner images and gifs. What I discovered in this very important research is that this little girl really appreciated food, and she has some sage advice to give the world.

1. (Above Photo) When visiting a friend, it is important to always bring cookies as a gesture of love.

2. Talking to your food is normal, and encouraged. It helps you connect with what you’re eating.

3. Don’t fill up on things that aren’t important.

4. Eating a pint of ice cream is OK, eating a quart of ice cream is even better.

5. If you’re not neck-deep into your plate of pasta you’re not doing it right.

6. Everyone knows the best kind of sandwiches are the ones that are bigger than your face. Eat accordingly.

7. Don’t be afraid to express your feelings about food. Cookies are beautiful and it needs to be said.

8. Always thank the people who feed you –– even if the food is kinda weird and basically inedible.