This High-Protein Ramen Is My Favorite Post-Gym Snack (They Just Launched a New Flavor!)

updated May 3, 2023
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Credit: Photo: Paola + Murray; Food Styling: Barrett Washburne

When I’m not taking out high-interest personal loans to finance my crippling NYC restaurant addiction (read: most of the time) I’m a pretty no-frills home cook. I like simple, one-pot meals that leave me with minimal dishes and maximal flavor. One easy weeknight meal I find myself constantly turning toward is goosed-up instant ramen. Instant noodles, whether they’re fancy or in a styrofoam cup, are delicious — and contrary to popular belief, they’re not, in fact, only for college kids to slurp up when they’ve had too much to drink. At-home ramen can be a hearty and incredibly simple way to spice up your weeknight routine, especially when you pop in some protein, veggies, and crunchy toppings such as furikake or togarashi. 

However, instant ramen isn’t usually the first thing people might picture when they think of “healthy meals,” and it’s definitely not something that most folks would reach for to refuel after a heavy workout — that is, until now. Allow me to introduce my new favorite post-workout snack: immi Ramen

This self-proclaimed “surprisingly healthy ramen” has a solid 21 grams of protein — nearly as much as your average protein shake — just 6 grams net carbs, and is 100-percent plant-based and vegan. And, before all the carnivores out there click away: I’m not vegan (like, not even close) and I still love this stuff. While I still guzzle my fair share of protein shakes, immi’s ramen is vying for the top spot on my list of post-gym treats, since it’s delicious, easy to make, and pretty healthy. Even more exciting, immi just released a new flavor, Spicy Red Miso, with new noodles that are softer and more slurpable — and cook in an even shorter amount of time.

While you can make this in the microwave, I like popping it on the stove in some water for nine minutes, which leaves me with a soft, yet not falling apart, bowl of noodles. For garnish, I like topping it with some crunchy chili crisp, cilantro or green onions, and, of course, the included flavor packet. With the variety bundle, you get two packs each of the three flavors immi sells, including Spicy Beef, Garlic Chicken, and Tom Yum Shrimp. And, while I love the beef and chicken, the Tom Yum Shrimp is definitely my favorite. (Pro Tip: Make sure you decide how much soup you want before adding your flavor packet, since the amount of water in your bowl will affect how concentrated the broth is.) 

Credit: Ian Burke

And, even if I’m not working out, I still like having a bowl of these as a quick snack or a full meal. So, if you love instant ramen — whether you slurp it straight out of the cup or make your own elevated bowl with lots of toppings and add-ons — but don’t love the nutritional content of most of the packs that line the shelves of your local supermarket, these noods are for you.