I’m Having a Pirate Party! Do You Have Menu Ideas? Good Questions

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Q: We are currently in Ireland while my husband works on a movie in Belfast, and our son turns four next week. We’re planning a pirate-themed party on the beach, but the attendees will mostly be adults.

Any suggestions for the menu? Need ideas that are easy to make (I don’t have a very well stocked kitchen here), easy to eat on the beach, and easy to transport. Any suggestions welcome!

Sent by Erin

Editor: Erin, you’re in luck! There’s a fabulous pirate party making the blog rounds right now and it would be a great source of inspiration. Michelle at Vintage Junky just threw a pirate party for her little boy, and the menu included fun yet easy things like grilled hot dogs (Salty Dogs) and a big pirate-style barrel of cold sodas. Check out the whole thing here:

Pirate Party at Vintage Junky
Pirate Party, Cookie’s Nesting blog interviews Michelle about the party

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