We Compared Prices for 20 Items at IKEA Versus Target — Here’s What We Learned

updated May 1, 2019
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Both IKEA and Target promise to provide you with everything you could possibly need for your home — including stylish furnishings, cookware, entertaining essentials, and more. And at both, there’s also a budget factor: You know to expect good quality at even better prices.

Which store has better prices? We compared 20 everyday items in order to find out.

The results: IKEA is consistently cheaper (yes, there are a few exceptions and even a couple of ties!), while Target consistently has more options. IKEA’s products are sometimes half the price of Target, but if you’re a person who’s particular about your products and likes to comparison shop, you may feel more fulfilled at Target.

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Food Prep

1. Plastic cutting board

This kitchen basic is available in a few styles and colors at both places (with more options at Target), but the price at IKEA can’t be beat.

2. Knives

I know there are many other factors besides price that go into choosing knives, but if you’re looking for something basic, Target is the way to go. IKEA has a few knife set options, while Target has many — from cheapies to much pricier ones.

3. Pots & Pans

This was another one where it was hard to compare apples to apples, but if you’re looking for a starter set of pots & pans for an apartment, Target’s a good bet. This set was pretty much the cheapest comparable option, however Target had many in the $100 range to match IKEA’s price — plus a bunch that were even more expensive.

4. Kitchen towels

Both stores had a few good, classic options, and some fun ones, too, in a comparable price range.

  • TIE! IKEA ELLY Dish Towel, $3.99 for four
  • 5. Measuring cups

    These are priced the same — but have very different looks. The Target version is a classic, while the IKEA one is a little more design-forward.

    6. French press

    Though the IKEA one is smaller than most of the options at Target (reviewers say it makes two medium-sized cups of coffee), it’s also much cheaper than the Target version. There is a larger, 34-ounce IKEA option for $9.99.

    7. Corkscrew

    The classic tool to open your wine is way cheaper at IKEA.

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    1. Dishes

    Simple white stoneware is pretty cheap per place setting at both spots, but IKEA offers a better value.

    2. Water glasses

    While the Target glasses might have a cleaner style, the IKEA glasses are stackable and about 20 percent cheaper.

    3. Silverware

    Target actually has several different styles at the $9.99 price point, and more/better options in this department in general. So if you want something beyond what you see here, check Target.

    4. Wine glasses

    The wine glasses at IKEA are a steal — the closest-priced ones at Target are about 50 cents more per glass, and wine glasses from their Threshold line come in between $1.50 and $2.50 per glass.

    5. White paper napkins

    IKEA’s napkins are 3-ply, and Target’s are 1-ply, so perhaps you’re getting a better per-ply value from IKEA, but Target wins this one from a package-value standpoint.

    6. Salad bowl

    The centerpiece of many a summer meal, both stores offered nice, good-looking salad serving bowls. Price is a tie, although the Target one is slightly bigger.

    7. White serving plate

    Perfect for steaks off the grill or ears of corn, you can get a simple white serving platter from IKEA for less than half of Target’s Threshold brand.

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    Pantry & Housekeeping

    1. Resealable plastic bags

    IKEA’s big bags in this set are a quart short of a gallon, which is confusing, but if you can deal with that, they’re actually cheaper per bag than Target’s in-house brand.

    2. Scrub brush

    Whoa, IKEA blew it out of the (soapy) water with their scrub brushes. Their next-most-expensive one is $1.50, while Target’s next-most-expensive one is $2.99. That being said, IKEA had two scrub brush options, and Target had many.

    3. Sponge

    The IKEA sponges are actually pretty good-looking, for sponges, and still have the scrubby on one side and soft on the other. They get good ratings from reviewers, too.

    4. Trash bags

    The Target bags are quite a bit less than the IKEA ones, and a more normal shape for most U.S. trash cans. But if you have an IKEA trash can, their bags might fit better.

    5. Broom

    If you want a tall broom and a dustpan from Target, you’ll pay about twice as much.

    6. Food storage containers

    Target had many glass storage container options, including big packs and individual containers. IKEA was more limited.

    If you had to pick one store for all your kitchen-stocking needs, which one would it be: IKEA or Target?