6 Spring IKEA Decor Finds That Double as Kitchen Storage (Year-Round)

published Apr 14, 2023
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SÄLLSKAPLIG Pitcher, patterned/green, 68 oz at IKEA store
Credit: L. Daniela Alvarez

Once a new season rolls around, I’m always excited to spruce up my home for a new look — rearranging furniture; swapping out towels, cushion covers, and linens; and redecorating my place to match the time of the year. For spring, I love finding aesthetically pleasing decor that can also double as storage, as I’m a big proponent of spring cleaning — and finding new storage opportunities can help with organizing. 

On a recent trip to IKEA, I noticed several cute pieces of decor that were not only perfect for spring, but also doubled (or tripled!) as useful storage to stay tidy in this season of renewal and revival. Here were a few of my favorites.

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What first attracted me to this gorgeous glass pitcher was its bold, jewel tone that looks great with any table setting, regardless of the season. Use it to serve your favorite springtime beverages like lemonade or iced tea, use it as a timeless flower vase, or display it on your counter as a practical utensil holder.

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I literally gasped when I saw these wall hooks (they’re so cute!). On their own, these chair hooks look like the ultimate quirky and whimsical decor, but they’re also quite useful for holding just about anything in your kitchen, including aprons, shopping bags, and dish towels. You could also use the platforms on them to hold mail, flower vases, hats, keys, or other trinkets. Best of all, they come in a pack of three so you can spread them out uniformly to hold hanging items, or mount them in a triangle shape on their own for unique kitchen or bedroom wall art.

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For those with small kitchens or limited cabinet space, it can be challenging to store excess items without cluttering your kitchen. That’s where vertical storage comes in! This wall shelf can be mounted in any direction, and is versatile enough to work in any room, but can be convenient to store kitchen items like cookbooks, mugs, and spices. Plus, the red steel mesh adds a fun pop of color to any kitchen. The metal mesh can also be used to hang hooks for aprons, utensils, or dish rags, or for slipping cords through for your home phone or small appliances.

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If you use the top of your fridge as supplemental pantry storage, this set of handwoven seagrass baskets can help that space look less cluttered while adding a touch of bohemian charm. Use them to store bags of nuts, wrapped dried snacks, or grocery bags, or hide your favorite candy from the rest of your family. To display them or access them with more ease, use them as a fruit bowl without the lid or as a tortilla warmer.

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While dining tables are mostly functional, decorating them for the spring can help your kitchen come alive for the season. This decorative brass bowl is the perfect “final touch” centerpiece to any dining room or kitchen table. The flower pattern and golden hue are so alluring that you don’t even necessarily have to add anything to it, but it serves as a great vessel for fruit, potpourri, nuts, and baked goods for your next spring brunch.

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If you like dainty glassware as standalone decor to give your kitchen a vintage vibe, then this glass bowl with a lid is a must-have. Display it on your bar cart with citrus slices or cherries; place it on your dining table filled with small candies, nuts, or sugar cubes; or use it to beautifully serve tiramisu, ice cream, or berries with whipped cream. You could even use it in your bedroom to hold rings or vitamins.