Hold Everything! IKEA’s Pegboards Are Finally Available in the U.S.

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(Image credit: Alex Millauer)

Pegboards are extremely useful in the kitchen. They’re practical for small places and keep everything in sight and easy to reach. And if they’re good enough for Julia Child, they’re certainly good enough for me. Now IKEA has made pegboards even easier, because their Skådis pegboard system, which debuted in Europe last year, is finally available in the U.S.

IKEA’s Skådis pegboards come in white and tan, and they come in three sizes: 14.25″ by 22″, 22″ by 22″, and 30″ by 22″. They cost between $9 and $16, and the main difference between IKEA’s pegboards and ordinary store pegboards is that IKEA’s have oval holes instead of circular ones.

The best part about IKEA’s pegboards is that IKEA sells a ton of accessories for them. There are hooks, cups, letter holders, trays, tiny containers with lids, and more. You can even buy a pre-set pegboard combination with all the accessories, like this kitchen pegboard setup for $37.98, or this student desk pegboard combination for $33.99.

The beauty of pegboards is that you can use them to store just about anything. You could use them to make a coffee or tea station, organize papers or tools, or even set up a vertical herb garden.

This kitchen combination is set up for holding regular-use ingredients like olive oil and soy sauce, along with tools, notes, and even some fresh herbs.

(Image credit: IKEA)

Perhaps best of all, IKEA’s new pegboards are compatible with some of their other systems, too. They can be added to IKEA’s Ivar shelving units, which can be painted and are very customizable. You could even put one inside this Ivar cabinet.

And with the addition of the new pegboards, IKEA’s Algot shelving system looks a heck of a lot like the Container Store’s Elfa system.

What do you think of IKEA’s new pegboards?