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The Next Time You Go to IKEA, Stock Up on This $2 Kitchen Must-Have

published Dec 8, 2022
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Until recently, I lived under the assumption that IKEA was a chaotic maze of flat-pack furniture, meatballs, and stressed-out parents and college kids stocking up on plastic storage bins. While that still may be true at times, I recently discovered an item that changed my point of view.

On my last trip to IKEA, I decided to look more closely at the off-the-shelf homegoods in the Marketplace section, and one particular product’s $1.49 price tag caught my eye: the RINNIG cleaning gloves. If you wear dish gloves to protect your hands like I do (and if you don’t, your skin is begging you to start), you know that a good glove is hard to find. Cheaper gloves can tear easily, leading to leaks and wet hands, and more expensive options can run you up to $12 a pair. At under $2, throwing two pairs of these IKEA gloves in my cart was a no-brainer, and I’m so glad I did.

IKEA’s RINNIG Cleaning Gloves Are a Kitchen Must-Have

The RINNIG gloves are just long enough to protect from splashes and way more durable than the ones I had been buying from my local dollar store which, at $2.49 a pair, were tearing after about two weeks of use. I’ve been using my IKEA gloves for over two months now, and they’re still holding up great.

They slide on and off easily and provide good grip for slippery dishes. I use them for dishwashing, but they’d also work great for gardening and cleaning around the house. They come in two color-coded sizes, small and medium, in shades of mint green that match well with the rest of the RINNIG kitchen accessories line and practically any kitchen color scheme.

These cheap and high-quality dish gloves changed my perspective on what IKEA has to offer — now I’m always keeping an eye out for the next small, affordable product that’ll help upgrade my home life. And when I find it, you’ll be the first to know.