These Are the Top 10 Products People Register for at IKEA

updated May 1, 2019
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Last year, IKEA finally launched a gift registry. (Read: Look What IKEA Finally Offers!) Not surprisingly, people used it. A lot. We don’t have exact numbers as to how many people started a registry, but we do know what people were registering for — and buying.

Whether you’re building your own registry, shopping for someone else, or just want to know what other people are getting, this list should be pretty helpful to you. Here are the top 10 products selected/purchased on the IKEA Gift Registry in the past year. And, yay, everything is $40 or less!

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HEDERLIG Red Wine Glass, $2 (Image credit: IKEA)

The Top 10 Products on the IKEA Gift Registry

  1. HEDERLIG Red Wine Glass, $2: Cheers to this inexpensive, 20-ounce red wine glass. At a price this low, guests can afford to get couples a full set. You know, instead of just a set of two.
  2. GODIS Glass, $5 for six: These tall glasses are ideal for cold drinks — like flavored seltzer or cocktails — with lots of ice.
  3. IKEA 365+ Plate, $3: Perfect for couples just starting out (or even lovebirds who’ve been living together for years), these 11-inch plates are super basic, which means homemade meals will get a chance to shine.
  4. IKEA 365+ Bowl, $3: Because getting the matching bowl to go with the plate is never a bad idea.
  5. BEHAGFULL 20-Piece Flatware Set, $40: They say you’re not supposed to gift knives to couples (it’s bad luck), but we think butter knives are a totally different story. This set also includes the forks and spoons!
  6. IVRIG Glass, $2: For the couple who prefers a stemless wine glass over a stemmed one.
  7. BLANDA MATT Serving Bowl, $20: Made of bamboo, a durable material, this bowl should last well past the couple’s 15th anniversary.
  8. IKEA 365+ Plate, $2: A smaller version of the other 365+ plate from above, this one measures eight inches and can be used as a salad plate during a dinner party or as a sandwich plate in the afternoon.
  9. VARDAGEN Ramekin, $3: In addition to personal crème brûlées, this microwave-, dishwasher-, and oven-safe, four-inch ramekin can also be used as a mini snack dish or during meal prep.
  10. TEKLA Dish Towel, $1: We can’t say enough good things about this 79-cent dish towel. We tried to here: The Best 79¢ You’re Going to Spend at IKEA This Year.

Are you getting married soon? Did you register at IKEA? If so, what did you put on your list?