IKEA Is Selling Packs of Its Plant-Based ‘Meat’ Now, So You Can Make Their Meatballs At Home

published Feb 7, 2022
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Ikea plant-based meatballs
Credit: IKEA

Personally, the real reason (if not the only reason) I love making a trip to IKEA is a chance to stop at their food court for a taste of those famous Swedish meatballs. Though IKEA may boast itself to be a furniture store for the most part, the meatballs are where IKEA’s true fan base lies. So much so, you can even buy a candle that smells like them. Count me in!

The meatballs haven’t been just for those who are meat consumers though. Back in 2020, vegan friends were finally able to take part in the Swedish meatball-eating action by sampling a vegan alternative to the famous dish and as like the original, they became popular, too. Now, however, the plant-based meatball alternative can be made at home with IKEA’s frozen HUVUDROLL plant balls.

Last week, IKEA U.S. announced that they’re expanding their line of plant-based products even further to include their new Världsklok meat substitute. Made primarily from pea protein, the new plant-based mince is shapeable and can be used in a similar way to how you’d use ground beef — including making burgers, plant-based meatballs, plant-based meat sauces, and whatever other tasty desire your heart has!

You can pick up a 1-pound, 10-ounce bag of Världsklok for $9.99. Not a bad price for a “world wise” meat alternative (which is literally what “Världsklok” translates to). And while you’re there, be sure to also pick up a few bags of IKEA’s Korvmoj veggie dogs. You know, to stash some away in your freezer for a quick vegan option at your next cookout. Happy shopping!