The $3 Find I Use to Trick Myself into Taking Daily Vitamins

published Apr 7, 2023
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Woman taking cups out from shelf
Credit: Leren Lu / Getty Images

There are plenty of reasons I struggled to take a daily vitamin. First, idealism: I was positive I could get everything I needed from a varied diet (the classic example of letting perfect be the enemy of the good, at least for me). 

Also, most pill bottles are ugly. With their garish labels and bright plastic, they defiled my lovingly curated coffee shelf. I relegated them to the bathroom, but then never remembered to take them. (Although, to be fair, I wasn’t taking them when they were on the coffee shelf, either.)

Now, when I open my cabinet to make my morning pour over, I’m met face-to-face with a cute jar of cheerful gummies, basically begging me to take them. I feel like Joanna Teplin, with my candy-like daily indulgence adorably displayed. The only thing missing is more vitamins, so I can make a rainbow.

Why did I resist decanting them for so long? I suppose I thought the label was important, but the only thing I ever checked was the dosage. It was easy to put a masking tape label on the bottom of the jar that reads simply, “2/DAY,” and I can always find the full label in my Amazon order history. 

Or maybe it was a holdover from the days my kids were tiny and an easy access jar of vitamins that look like candy would have been dangerous. Those years are long gone for me, but if you have young children in your home, you’ll want something more secure. 

Maybe this affordable little jar will work its magic for you, too, or maybe not. But either way, your vitamins will look way cute on display, whether you take them or not. And, of course, this adorable jar has seemingly infinite uses in the kitchen — for pickling, jams, grains, real candy, or whatever else you see fit.

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