The Smart IKEA Hack That’ll Finally Organize Your Pantry Snacks — Once and for All

published Aug 18, 2021
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Credit: Joe Lingeman/Kitchn

When I’m shopping in the chip aisle in the grocery store, it’s pretty hard for me to pick just one bag. It seems I’ve got a lot of favorites: Ruffles, Kettle Brand, the list goes on. Selecting the snacks is no problem — the trouble begins after I open them. Allow me to explain.

Somehow, some way, when it comes to bagged snacks, my jumble of treats ends up looking rather messy. Admittedly, there are times when I can’t even find what I’m looking for as I shuffle through half-eaten, floppy bags piled on top of each other in a big basket. I’ve realized my system isn’t working too well. And so I went on the hunt to find a much better organizational trick to wrangle all of those bagged goodies. Ready to find out what it is?

Credit: Sarah Crowley
The VARIERA pot lid organizer is so versatile, it can wrangle just about anything.

Use IKEA’s Pot Lid Organizer to Hold Bags of Chips

Turns out, you can use IKEA’s VARIERA Pot Lid Organizer to hold your snacks! For $7, you can have your own beautifully organized, bagged snack aisle (a mini version!) that could rival one from any grocery store. Here’s how you do it: Next time you’re at IKEA, pick up one (or two!) VARIERA pot lid organizers and stretch it out.

Instead of tucking it away as a cookware accessory for your lids, slide one into a cabinet-slash-pantry or onto a pantry shelf. Then use the prongs to “file” your snacks. It can hold all sorts of things: I’m talking M&Ms, popcorn, granola, corn chips, pistachios, and so much more. You can store just about any package that needs propping up by simply adjusting the size of this versatile rack. Half-eaten bag? Close it up with a clip, and you can still stand the package upright. If you’re really into showcasing your snacks, you can file by size, color, or even type of snack. Just think of all of the possibilities!

Credit: Sarah Crowley
Ta-da! Mini bagged snack aisle right in your pantry!

No matter which yummy munchies you choose to store, everything will be easy to find — even in a dimly lit kitchen right before movie night starts.

How do you organize all of your snack bags in your pantry or cabinet? Tell us in the comments below.